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  • 11/11/2021

    The tradition of cotto dates back thousands of years and is the result of the subtle alchemy between water, earth, and fire.

    Due to this prospect of development, the Brioni brothers have called architect Cristina Celestino to direct the design department of the brand, from 2016. Without making any changes to the prestigious characteristics of this eco-friendly, vibrant, warm and long-lasting material, Celestino has started off on the basis of its past tradition, to investigate its potential for new effects and finishes. It was firstly necessary to make it flexible and luxurious, moving away from its more traditional connotations, at the same time exalting its strong and unique personality. By evoking the charm linked to the Renaissance popularity of cotto, Cristina Celestino used a totally innovative approach to this material, adding geometric and bas-relief patterns, in unusual sizes and tile combinations. In this way she has explored that subtle distinction that transforms hand-crafted products into design items.