MANETAS with its specialized partners can satisfy even the most demanding water treatment needs by applying innovative technologies in the most efficient and effective way for customers.



In many regions of Greece, rapid tourist development has created a greatly increased need for water mainly during the summer months.

In hotels mainly outside cities, the use of Reverse Osmosis, Softening and Filtration ensures a prolonged life for both the kitchen (boilers, steam ovens, ice makers, etc.) and the wellness equipment (steam baths, sophisticated hydromassage systems, etc.)

Seawater desalination plants have proven to be a very reliable and cost-effective solution for all tourist units.



1.Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis technology exploits a natural process based on the physical property of certain semi-permeable membranes to separate water from the substances that dissolve therein. Reverse osmosis is the most modern and widespread method applied to both brackish and seawater, offering potential users fresh, well-treated water.


The majority of the waters in Greece contain high concentrations of calcium and magnesium, resulting in "hard" water. Hard water creates scaling in thermal networks (water heaters, boilers and resistors), leaves salts in glasses and sanitary ware. Water softeners provide a solution to all this by providing high quality soft water.


Filtration of water is aimed at the complete elimination of solid particles and / or turbidity or chlorine and organic compounds of primary water. The various water filters are applied for both home and professional use.


Water treatment is a matter of particular importance nowadays, as it upgrades any of its services by achieving durability and resistance at the same time, reducing costs for each interested person.